How to Go About Making a Claim for PPI Compensation

The claim compensation for PPI is fairly easy to get if the claim is valid, which in most of the case are. Some of the people who have been trying to get the PPI refunds even when they rightfully and willingly bought PPI years back, their claims are rejected. This is because not all the PPI policies were mis-sold, even if most were.

PPI compensation would help the people to get the money they deserve and which they have lost wrongfully due to the PPI scandal. Making a claim for PPI refund would ensure that people who have lost their money get it back. The process for making the PPI claim is simple and easy, and all the information regarding it can be found online or can be requested from the bank. All the person needs to do is to fill a PPI questionnaire, a PPI claim form and submit to the bank. The bank would then process the requested claim and verify it and revert within a few weeks as to whether the claim proposal has passed or disapproved.

Here are some simple steps that you need to follow –

Get All Facts in Order

Before you can file for a Ppi compensation claim, you need to ensure that you have all the original documents showing that you borrowed money and you were sold PPI. Ensure that you have paper copies of all of them.

Make a Claim

You need to tell the lender that you were mis-sold PPI and the reason behind it. you need to cite the exact reason why you believe it was mis-sold to you.

Get the Help you Need

If you have little idea as to how to make a PPI compensation claim, you can seek help from the right people. Make sure that you hire a professional company to help make a successful claim.

These are the few steps that would help you get your money back. It is not an easy process for sure for the first timers, but if you do a little research, gather all the documents and follow the given instructions accurately, getting the PPI refund is not a difficult job either. Most of the people who wonder whether have I got PPI should first check as to whether they have been duped as well, so that they can file for refund today before it’s too late.